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Dear partners!
There is a war against terrorists in our country, but we continue to fulfill our obligations. Our employees work online, being in different parts of the country and Europe. They volunteer to support Ukraine; our colleagues in Kharkiv combine work and serve in the city defense. The CEO manages the company online.

The board’s Chairman Eduard Rubin is in Ukraine, in Transcarpathia near the border. Eduard is engaged in receiving and sending humanitarian aid from Europe to Kharkiv and other cities. In Europe, we have created a fund to raise money to buy humanitarian aid and transport it.
Any of your donations transferred to this account will be gratefully accepted and guaranteed to be invested in helping people.

We have one more request: living and working under rocket explosions and bombardments is challenging. Our country has been standing face to face with a crazy dictator for three weeks, protecting the entire civilized world. We need support to urge governments to close the sky over Ukraine. With the land forces of terrorists, we cope with the help the civilized world gives us.#CloseTheSky