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I think it is necessary to share my experience with others. That is why I want to present an article in 3 parts. It is about the development of new skills that will help you to master a new profession. If this material could be useful for someone you know, please share!)

Do today what others don’t want! You will live tomorrow like others can’t.

Jared Leto

Self-development – our natural need.

Usually, your goal is to achieve results at every stage of your career/study, and not to remain a permanent student, repeating the same thing 3 times.

Therefore, in today’s world, to start learning a new subject without a certain “map” or information selecting skills is the same as sitting blind in a car: all actions could be correct, where you are moving – is unknown. As a result, we have a huge amount of time spent, effort, and an accident.

The article is interpreted in the context of the IT area. But it can also be applied to the study of any subject. The main points are a plan to follow and a hint on how not to make the same mistakes as the author came across more than once. With the material I’m gonna share it will be easier for you to follow the way you have outlined or just thinking to choose.

Why do I need it?

“Who cannot obey himself will be commanded.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

It is well known that hateful work leads to depression and consequently to apathy. It is amazing to do what you like. Therefore, before choosing the object of your search, strain and take the time to analyze the situation from all sides. One of the resources that will help you understand how to find your way can be the concept of “Ikigai”.

It sets out quite extensively how to find what you want to do. Information about the concept is easy to find on the Internet, for example, you can start with this video.

Time is the most valuable resource in the world, do not waste it.

When it comes to IT, you know that new frameworks appear every day, trillions of lines of code are written in a bunch of different languages, etc.

First of all, answer the common question: why do you need it? Still, it is better to be a good taxi driver than to complete a 3-month course “How to enter IT”. Do what you really like, not where everyone goes. 

“Honey courses! Hot certificates!”

“Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor.”

Ulysses Simpson Grant

To buy a course or study yourself? My conclusion: now the best way to make money in IT is to talk about how to make money in IT.

Here we come to the most interesting how to filter information in an endless stream of advertising offers.

First, you need to learn how to filter information in the excessive flow of the endless Internet:

  • use different search engines besides Google. There are also DuckDuckGO, ECOSIA (transfers 80% of its income to tree planting projects), Bin, Yahoo.
  • learn to generate your search queries. Remember that search engine ≠ man.
  • be critical. Nowadays, people pay money for feedback, or the creators of the service can write about themselves from “fake” accounts.

If you still decided to buy an expensive course, then:

1.Do not listen to everyone you meet. If you are told, “urgently, in 2 days the end of the sale”, it is already worth thinking about. After all, if the resource was in demand, it would not need to be advertised.

2. There is no guarantee of employment

3. Pay attention to the duration of teaching the material:

a) If it is written that the program lasts 2 years, it can be specially stretched to suck money. In 2 years you can get a diploma from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

b) If the program is too short – it’s just a sweet promise. No matter how genius you are, you will not learn to make a product well in 21 days.

Patience and analysis of the situation must go ahead of your hasty decisions.

4 ways to learn anything for free:

1. On the Coursera platform, you can write an application for Financial Aid and get 90% of the courses for free (if you still have the money and there is no reason for free access, still buy the course, the people who created it also want to eat).

2. Pay attention to the resources with a HUGE number of free courses. For example, Stepic, Freecodecamp, Simplilearn, Priyadogra, and many others. 

3. Learn from official sources: Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon, and so on.

4. I also recommend creating a Slack account. There is a huge pile of channels where there are professionals and beginners, with a diploma and self-taught, with whom you can chat live (btw, if you have extra money, it is better to pay a specialist who has long worked and knows what to do ).

And when you will succeed, you will achieve your cherished dream, I wish you not to become a person “in IT”, as in the example below:

In the next part, we will tell you how to find thirst and motivation to learn new things and not drown them in an ocean of procrastination.