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“Develop emotional intelligence”, “Soft skills are more and more important”, “only a high IQ is no longer the main thing”. You hear such statements quite often. Development of different types of intelligence became popular, as a result – lots of beautiful, but empty statements about them.

This article is for those who want not only to repeat popular words but to understand what is behind and how development really happens.

Multiple Intelligences: EQ, AQ, MQ, PQ: Friends and enemies

We are interested in ourselves more than in other people, and that’s natural. We communicate with our society and can’t avoid it. Self-focus and contact with others are associated with different manifestations of intelligence – its types.

The question is how do we change under circumstances and do we change at all?

There are lots of different classifications, but I want to briefly share how this works for me.

Let’s start with “us”

Emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, intelligence quotient IQ – these three elements represent intrapersonal, spiritual intelligence. This is our contact with ourselves and others through the prism of ourselves.

Let’s go over each component briefly.


This is the ability to solve problems, complete tasks, this is our analytical abilities.

4 key facts to characterize IQ:

  • Result-oriented, simplifies and solves problems
  • Formulates clear expectations (goals and deadlines) and fulfills them
  • Manages the search for solutions
  • Knows key performance indicators and, based on them, tests new ideas

An excellent book that will help you understand how the brain communicates with us, who is responsible for our decisions – “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock.

PQ (Physical Quotient)

How we feel our body, our attitudes, habits. Health is also a part of it. Ideally, PQ supports us and provides harmony between physical aspects and emotional intelligence.

EQ (Emotional Quotient)

This is not only about empathy and communication. Emotional intelligence is our reflection, the ability to give our inner assessment of our own actions and reactions. Thanks to EQ, we develop a unified behavior and work style. The EQ is necessary, it is “required”. Without it, you won’t be able to find a job or communicate successfully. You need to be able to listen, understand the needs of colleagues and clients.

A person with a developed EQ can be summarized as follows:

  • Shows sincere interest in the team, has loyal supporters
  • Knows how to listen, understands the needs of people
  • Helps others find effective working methods, does not impose a consistent work style
  • Delegates important tasks that develop people, does play “blame game”

We and They

You cannot develop only one specific type of intelligence or some part of it. Development goes through integrity and consistency. We interact with our environment, we shape it, and it shapes us.

The quintessence of intelligence, which allows you to maneuver, accept goals, have an abstract level of thinking, be “here and now”, but see the range of possibilities, and, of course, inspire and motivate the team Is MQ, Managerial Quotient.

How to develop MQ?

  • Select people to your team based on ability, not “convenience” – specialists should complement each other
  • Set ambitious goals. First of all – for yourself
  • Develop mindfulness and move away from autopilot
  • Know more about people
  • Lead by example, your team is your reflection

But this is only part of the journey. I repeat, it is impossible to develop only one kind of intelligence. Managerial intelligence is supported by three types of intelligence that enable our interaction with the environment.

And here I will share not only how to define them, but also how to develop.

PQ (Political Quotient)

The acronym PQ can be deciphered in different ways, here it is about the political quotient. The situation is changing so dynamically and quickly that we do not always have time to adapt, this is where PQ abilities show themselves.

PQ components:

  • Understanding the key sources of power: money, information, skills, clients, resources
  • Understanding where power is concentrated
  • Finding alternative solutions
  • Change management, focus on people

What does this kind of intelligence give?

Knowing how to achieve goals, cover customer pain, and manage change. But another kind of intelligence helps us to adapt to the world.

AQ abilities (adaptive intelligence)

It’s about accepting changes and understanding why we need them. This is the enemy of IQ – it pushes you to change templates, leave the autopilot, accept that “as it was yesterday” tomorrow is no longer suitable.

Adaptive intelligence is focused on finding non-standard solutions.

This flexibility of mind manifests itself in the following:

  • You are not afraid of difficulties and uncertainties
  • Accept and understand the changes
  • Focused on finding non-standard solutions
  • Quickly adapt to new conditions

How to develop:

  • Work with completely new tasks
  • Choose the unknown
  • Choose “navigator” less often
  • Visualize different variants of the situation and solve these problems
  • Create new habits
  • Connect with people from different fields

It seems that everything is simple: we have outlined what types of intelligence are, how they manifest themselves, what they are for, and even how to develop them. But where to get energy and resources for this development?

VQ – Vital Energy

This is the basis for the development of competencies, vitality, and drive.

We disguise the lack of the required VQ level as procrastination, lack of motivation, and unwillingness to gain new knowledge. Life energy is the basis that shapes our resource states and allows us to share energy.

You don’t need to do something supernatural to maintain the required VQ level. Basic but effective recommendations:

  • Work with the body, find the optimal diet-workout regimen
  • Use the discipline of the mind, develop the ability to concentrate and relax
  • Monitor the scale of goals, win globally, not locally

Again, it is impossible to develop only one kind of intelligence. It is a system, synergy.

Instead of a summary, I want to share the TOP skills that the World Economic Forum highlighted for 2025.

Is it worth emphasizing that the top 5, and in general most of them, are the very abilities that we talked about 🙂