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10 years ago, everything was simple and clear: service and product. The further, we go into technological progress, the more challenges we face.

So how to combine product development and service delivery in one company?

There are lots of balanced decisions to make: personnel search, business profitability, a difference of generation, creating meaning for the team, engagement, innovation and it is not the whole list of these uncertainties.

New time – new requirements.

An individualistic approach from one hand and effective teamwork from another. Saving profits during the crisis vs investments in new products.

What to do? How to ensure sustainable growth of the company while we have so many conflicting criteria?

We have several fundamental principles that we use to manage a hybrid company during the transformation period:

1.A sense of belonging

Each team member should feel the value of their contribution and respect for their work. The key is to build awareness about each specialist’s place in achieving a common goal.

2. Employees beyond generations

Diversification of approaches to product and outsourcing teams. Understanding and accepting their differences and differing views.

3. Manage knowledge

Creation of a culture of knowledge exchange, lifelong learning in terms of hard and soft skills development.

4. Employees are our capital

Investing in the development and retraining of teams /individuals. New scopes and test projects create new business domains.

5. Riddle of reward

Material benefits depend on the effective work of teams. Building a culture of entrepreneurship and new projects within each team is an important element.

6. Ethics of the future

Remote work, increased workload of managers.

Experts do not ask if something can be done, but offer their vision.

All of these principles apply directly to people.

Neither technology, nor tools, nor Agile create a cool and sought-after product or service. Only the synergy of teams and people in the company is capable of impressive results.

The current crisis became a catalyst for the processes on which the efficiency of the business depends, and we, using these management principles, have successfully entered its first phase.

We are sure that we will be able to consolidate this success in the future!