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Attendees of Telesens Business Analysis School have successfully completed. At Telesens attendees gained knowledge and successfully completed tasks on real cases, including an express analyse of the telecommunication market, segmenting it in several directions; they also, took part in the development of tender documents.

One of the attendees, Andrii Pereshybkin says «I am sure, this experience will be really useful not only for my portfolio, but also for future work. The course met my expectations».

Andrii said that five years ago he worked in the one of Kharkiv IT-companies, but then moved to the another field, and now is engaged in sales.

«I want to return to the IT-sphere, but it has been changing during the last few years. The training course helped us to understand better how processes are developing in IT. When I was choosing a training, I immediately decided to go to Telesens, and I do not regret that decision. As I know, the company has vast experience: it grew out of Deutsche Telecom`s orders. It means, the company has been meeting the requirements of European quality for many years. And now Telesens` experts are some of the best. We had three mentors working in different areas. They checked our tasks and made recommendations for us. It’s nice that we were entrusted with the implementation of real cases», he said.

According to Andrii Pereshybkin, it`s worth trying to become a business analyst for people who are forced to change their profession due to the situation on the labour market, for example, bank employees who are losing their jobs due to the reduction of the number of banks, as well as people who are bored with their own profession.