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Managers of Telesens are being internally trained improving their soft skills. The training program People Managers School is designed for a year. Training objectives are to master new approaches and improve existing skills and competencies within its management structure.

The training is conducted by an experienced coach Olesia Ulianova, CEO of the Ukrainian division of Telesens. The training takes place
in the format of workshops. The management team has already worked on topics such as Time Management and Retro-planning. Among the upcoming topics are Emotional Intelligence, Confident Behavior, Recognition of Gestures and Emotions and much more.

In addition to workshops, every month a Movie Area and a Reading Area take place. The Movie Area is a review and a discussion of a watched film and the Reading Area is a discussion of a book that describes some style of management. These activities help to learn something new and to get useful information. Also, these both activities are tools for analyzing team work.

For example, during the discussion of the book The Achievement Habit by Bernard Roth, every participant picked out the most interesting theses and the most effective techniques. The team revealed both its advantages and disadvantages using the facilitation led by Olesia Ulianova.