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Telesens celebrates its twenty-first New Year with optimism – this is the view of many company employees, both having worked here for years and those who have recently joined the team. The ground for optimism lies in successes of the past year and transformations that started in the company recently. “The changes were long expected,” says Maxim Vryukalo, the company’s ex-director, who has transferred the reins of power to Olesya Ulyanova at the end of the year and now heads one of the production departments. “We understood that along with the development of our traditional products for telecom operators, it’s necessary to look for new niches, so that we went towards modern technologies – microservice architecture, integration with Salesforce, automated deployment (CI / CD) while remaining in the domain of enterprise solutions. Next year, we plan to strengthen our position on the market of b2c solutions, therefore we pay more attention to front-end and mobile development. Everybody has to learn a lot! “

The new director of the company, Olesya Ulyanova, came to Telesens from the near branch – business training industry. Having solid technical and managerial background and experience in managing training centers for IT disciplines and soft-skills, as well as being a successful coach and facilitator, she brought many innovations to the measured life of the company. Or, more precisely, she blew it up, forcing to spin at an accelerated pace – new meeting formats, new organizational structure, new people, new tasks. Just on the New Year’s Eve, Olesya sums up the results of the first 100 days as director – and they are impressive! During this time, it was possible to form a team of managers to carry out company transformations; to conduct a couple of important negotiations with clients and partners; to visit Kazakhstan with a speech at a conference on information security; to formulate a concept for training young personnel and to recruit the first trainees to the testing team; to renovate and newly equip premises of the sales department, the testing department and one of the meeting rooms.

HR Director Galina Lezhenina plans to start the new year 2020 with a new human resources management system. “We reviewed a lot of solutions, and finally decided for the Ukrainian product HURMA. Now we are configuring the system and entering data, and the product pleases us with its capabilities,” she says. “Since the company plans growing next year, we want to provide maximum convenience to both recruiters and employees – now everyone will be able to manage their data and activities through an account in the system.” Over the past year, the staff has been changed a lot, however, the average retention time in the company remains one of the best in the industry. This is not only due to the specifics of product development but also due to caring for employees. “We have been adhering to the principle “People first” all these years, and this approach works,” Galina emphasizes.

The management team was also replenished with two new employees: Head of the Interconnect department Vladimir Palagin and Sales Director Alexander Kovalenko. Alexander plans to build a new sales processes, enter new geographic markets and expand the portfolio of products and services, in particular, with a new Ring Business Tones (T-RBT) product. Shamil Nazipov, head of the Teleco Solutions Sales department, talks about the achievements of the outgoing year: “Now our products are operated in eleven telecoms in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Despite the general stagnation in the industry, all customers show interest in our solutions and constantly send new requests for development – this is not surprising, because thanks to our products they work more efficiently and can adapt quickly to the changing business environment. This year, we developed solutions for receiving mobile payments, for integration with Revenue Assurance systems, for supporting A2P communications via SMS, and many other useful features. We also participated in Carrier Community and Capacity conferences, where we took part in a round table on the IoT and M2M communications.”

On the last working day of 2019, the Chairman of the Board Eduard Rubin spoke to the team with a lecture on the forecasts of futuristic scientists. “The future only seems fantastic,” he said. “When we started the company in 1998, a Pentium III computer with a frequency of 1.4 GHz and 640 MB of RAM seemed like a miracle of technology – could we imagine that in 20 years everyone will carry an incomparably more powerful device in their pocket? So, we have a chance not only to see how the most daring forecasts come true but also to contribute to their implementation.” Eduard congratulated all the employees, customers and partners of the company on the New Year and Christmas and wished everyone a lot of success in the year 2020.