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Telesens participated in GCCM CIS 2018-Almaty Forum GCCM CIS 2018-Almaty, held by Carrier Community, which took place in Kazakhstan from the 4th to the 5th of September 2018. Carrier Community is an exclusive global telecom club and industry-networking platform for wholesale telecom service providers.

It was founded to enhance communication among its members, and to serve them as a single portal for contacts and information exchange, as well as organizing business meetings and networking events. By now Carrier Community has more than 8000 members, representing 2300 operators from more than 120 countries.

The Forum counted over 350 participants, representing 150 leading telecom companies from 37 countries, that provide the following types of services: Data, SMS, Voice, Mobile, VAS, OTT, ISP, IX, Cable, Satellite, Data centers.

During the event participants had an opportunity to establish new business contacts and partnerships as well as to exchange contacts for further negotiations. There were also several group meetings, with a focus on voice and traffic trade services, IoT and SMS monetization as well as their perspectives in telecommunication industry.

For Telesens, participation in this forum was very productive. Representatives of the company met with existing and potential customers and partners. Some plans and prospects of cooperation development were discussed.