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On the 29th of August 2018, Telesens received a positive decision of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute” (Ukrpatent) about issue a patent for the method of end-to-end encryption of data on a hybrid encryption scheme.

The application for the invention was made during the development of one of Telesens` software products – the universal platform for encrypted communications (TSM) (on the basis of this platform TSM-messenger operates). Technical specialists of the company are the authors of the invention.

The main feature of the invention is the controlled time of using encryption keys, which allows by software to provide a required level of data protection practically for any conditions and, at the same time, economical use of resources for an asymmetric encryption operation. Reduction of the requirements for computing power opens the prospects for using a new method in the Internet of Things segment (IoT), where end-to-end data encryption has not yet become the standard due to the need to maintain small dimensions and cost of end devices.

The use of end-to-end encryption, in which only the information source and the consumer owns the keys, significantly increases the security of confidential information when it is transmitted and stored, which has recently become a mandatory requirement for most information systems related to the processing of personal data. Therefore, the company plans further to develop its products in the field of cryptography and to embed cryptographic protection mechanisms in its other products for the telecommunications industry.