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Telesens International successfully developed and put into commercial operation a software solution for network management services GPON/xDSL for Ukrainian telecom operator Velton.Telecom.

Due to the growing number of connections, the solution, used by the Operator and delivered some years ago, stopped meeting up-to-date requirements anymore and became the limiting factor for the perspective increasing of the Operator’s client base.

In order to overcome these restrictions Velton.Telecom applied to several vendors, which have experiences of solving such tasks. After the analysis of the incoming responses, the offer of Telesens was acknowledged to be the best one, and was chosen by the Operator.

The process of development and implementation of the software solution took 4 months. During November and December 2017, a gradual migration of the subscribers to the new platform was performed, so that since the end of the last year the most part of the Operator’s customers has been serving on its basis.

Besides, the solution delivered by Telesens is operating together with existing systems, which ensures continuity and additional flexibility in the development of the Operator’s services.

The final stress-test, performed on the 10th of January 2018, confirmed the compliance of the delivered software with the strict requirements to reliability, and rehabilitation parameters, set to the industry level information systems.

Currently, Telesens` solution is used by the Operator to manage customers’ services in all Ukrainian cities and towns, covered by Velton.Telecom, giving it the opportunities for nearly limitless enhancement of the client base.