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A strategic document with such words as “increase” or “enhance” is a step back, that is why the regional programmee for IT development, adopted by the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, should not contain them,  according to the Telesens Chairman of the Board, and Kharkiv IT Cluster Eduard Rubin statements.

In his presentation at the Cluster summary meeting he made a special accent on this programme. Recently several changes to it have been approved, so that now the Cluser can participate in its realization, with more chances to make it come to life.

The promramme has already given some initial results. A range of trainings for school Informatics teachers on innovative teaching methods has become one of the first initiatives, started in the region by N.Arsubov.  He strives to make lessons interesting and entertaining for children, and to update the school programme, according to the contemporary professional standards.

Another step to the future of Ukrainian schools will be made through  implementation of the electronic system for tracking performance called “School Grade”. Being developed at the NAU “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, it allows monitoring and tracking school grades automatically, maintaining security and confidentiality of the information. The system will be experimentally implemented a school in Kharkiv region.

At the national level several steps have also been made. A work group of representatives from business community was created under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. O.Medoviy, as the Head of the Cluster Supervisory board, has become a member of this work group, which will lobby for the creation private public partnership system at the government level. The system will serve as a step towards an open and transparent cooperation between business and the state organizations, especially with educational establishments.

Thus, the year 2017 turned out to be productive, as the Cluster team has strengthen the fundament for IT industry development in Ukraine, and in addition popularized it at the international level.