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Telesens switched to remote mode

The world crisis influences all mankind, including our company. Due to circumstances we are taking measures dictated by the emergency and the quarantine declared in Ukraine. Telesens has switched to remote mode. The company`s infrastructure has configured for…

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Start for a new profession: Training course of Business Analysts at Telesens

Attendees of Telesens Business Analysis School have successfully completed. At Telesens attendees gained knowledge and successfully completed tasks on real cases, including an express analyse of the telecommunication market, segmenting it in several directions; they also, took part…

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The In-house training for Telesens` managers launched

Managers of Telesens are being internally trained improving their soft skills. The training program People Managers School is designed for a year. Training objectives are to master new approaches and improve existing skills and competencies within its management…

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