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2020 was a year of transformation for everyone and everything in all areas. Transition to remote and hybrid work format, a need to adapt to new conditions — these are our realities.

At the same time, the search for specialists is a non-negotiable critical process. Without its adaptation, a company’s competitiveness and existence are impossible.

This is a short overview of the Telesens recruiting team’s experiences in 2020. Our vision in terms of challenges, trends, and expectations.

Remoteness and Productivity VS Employer Brand

What are the most challenging areas for the company, and the recruitment along with the integration of employees? The answer is in the title 🙂

Let’s outline the essence of each of them briefly.

Employees on distance: quarantine and remote work

The essence of the challenge: Office work has become an opportunity, not a necessity. Not all companies are ready to switch to such a format. There is a need for technical support of employees, adaptation of the workflow to remote conditions, and saving productivity.

Important: it is not always obvious, nevertheless, the probability that new employees will pass the probation and will have the desire to continue cooperation depends on how well the workflow is set and adapted.

Employer brand

The essence of the challenge: vacancies become more and more unified. The same benefits as a social package. Specialists consciously follow projects. The name of the company and its visibility influence the interest of potential candidates. Reviews, recommendations, social networks, photos — everyone checks them.

In our opinion, the two growth zones mentioned above influenced the key trends that emerged in the process of searching and recruiting specialists. Additionally, we have identified 7 trends and would like to share them.

Recruiting Trends 2020

Hybrid workplaces

As we noted, the office becomes an opportunity, not a necessity. The recruiting funnel is expanding. Restrictions on the location are erased, relocation costs disappear, but at the same time competition is increasing.

Sourcing tools

Direct search, bots, mailing lists, and especially social media of the company itself are still actual and their importance keeps growing.

Marketing and recruitment synergy 

Digitalization and remote location lead to the minimization of offline contacts. This means that the importance of all kinds of external communication channels increases. They create the attitude of candidates to the company.

Employer brand

The name of the company becomes an association to how interesting its projects are. How the workflow is built, how perspective it is. Reviews, photos, recommendations, how long employees are staying there — this is what influences the decision to consider a vacancy in general. Cookies and coffee, English, and sports have become common benefits, what can surprise — is their absence.

Referrals and networking

Two important channels for filling the candidate base.

Your employees help to fill vacancies by recommending their friends. In this case, the candidate’s level of trust is higher. Personal networking is also gaining power and helps not only to expand your potential contact base but also to create the right impression and contact for the future. 

Lack of specialists

Personnel hunger exists, especially for middle + professionals. As a variant of the solution — the companies begin to raise personnel “inside”.

Time to hire*

The opportunity to hire a specialist for the bench becomes more and more attractive. This helps to offset potential staff shortages and hiring costs.

* Time to hire — the total cost of hiring. This is not only about the salary, this is the time of the recruiter, technical specialists, downtime on the project, etc.

We do not know what surprises 2021 prepared for us, but we are sure that the mentioned trends will continue growing. Stay tuned;)

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