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ALTEL JSC is the first national operator of cellular communication in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 1994  ALTEL JSC provided its users with telecommunication services in the largest cities of Kazakhstan in analog format AMPS/NAMPS.

In December 2003, the third generation technology for cellular communication and wireless Internet services – CDMA 2000-1X– was launched. In March 2010, a 
high-speed data communication network – CDMA EV-DO – was launched.

At the present time, ALTEL JSC is the first and only operator of the cellular communications standard CDMA 2000-1X in Kazakhstan, with brands: «Dalacom» – 
«postpaid» service, «PAThWORD» – «prepaid» service and «City» – direct city number on a mobile phone. In addition,  ALTEL  JSC provides a high-speed data communication service with the brand «JET», based on CDMA EV-DO technology. 

ALTEL JSC develops regional network infrastructure, creates novel and unique 
opportunities for out-of-office working, enabling mobile decision-making for the development of business, communications and leisure

Transformation of JSC ALTEL into a high-tech telecommunication operator providing high-quality, affordable, modern and competitive communications services 

As a highly competitive market, the Kazakhstan telecommunication services domain has its own peculiarities: a low population density dispersed across an area equivalent to several European countries. This represents a significant barrier to the development of mobile networks and demands additional network construction costs and reduction in the provision of quality services.

JSC ALTEL is a shining example of a telecommunications company coping successfully
with these difficult operating conditions. It not only meets the current requirements of Kazakhstan’s subscribers in terms of modern communications services, but also anticipates and guides their future expectations. Alongside its traditional services, ALTEL set itself the goal of mastering the world of leading telecommunications technologies – high-speed wireless data transmission – and to introduce new CDMA-based products to the population of all regions of Kazakhstan.

In March 2010, the company launched a network of high-speed data transmission based on CDMA EV-DO. The activation of 3G immediately gave a boost
to the growth in data transmission and at the same time the release of another technological breakthrough was planned – the initiation of testing of the 4th generation mobile communications LTE

The search for increased efficiency in settlements

The quest for cost reduction and improvement in quality of services demands an increase in efficiency of cooperation with telecommunications operators. Of particular importance is the management of network interconnection with mobile, regional and international operators. The greater the number of interconnect points, the lower the leasing costs for trunk communication channels. A diversification strategy enables the Communication Service Provider (CSP) to reduce its costs as a result of optimization of inter-operator settlements.

Successful execution of the company’s strategy has lead to heavy growth both of the settlement area and the business as a whole. As a result, the demand in terms of complexity and volume on the business support areas increased. The settlement function struggled to keep pace with this workload. The functionality of the in-house interconnect settlement system was unable to meet the increasing requirements of ALTEL.

In order to maintain profitability through optimization of opportunities and reduction in errors, the search began for a settlement business solution – a flexible interconnect billing system that would provide a platform for rapid rollout and deployment of new services and communications standards and which would be capable of supporting business not only for traditional voice services, but also for content.


The Solution: Tinterconnect (T-IC) – an interconnect billing system for settlements between carriers and telecommunication service providers

Initial communication between the Telesens’ and ALTEL’s teams took place in 2005 at a billing conference where the ALTEL’s representatives tested the demo version of Tinterconnect (T-IC).

Tinterconnect (T-IC) is an end-to-end application solution for the operational and business management of the interconnect settlement business, supporting all settlement types: voice services, data transmission services, IP-interconnect, rental services, while providing an agile platform for new service creation and rapid rollout.

Since 1998 the T-IC system has proved itself as a reliable and flexible solution. It is used by leading fixed and mobile telecom operators in the CIS: Kyivstar (Ukraine), Kazakhtelecom (Kazakhstan), Ucell (Uzbekistan), SMARTS (Russia), Ukrtelecom (Ukraine), etc.

In summer 2010, JSC ALTEL announced a tender for the implementation of an automated settlement system between other mobile operators and Interconnect
providers. Both national and international billing system vendors participated in the competition. Finally, Telesens’ settlement system Tinterconnect was chosen based on its business case justification.

After the development of an agreement in August 2010, system implementation began. It was completed on-schedule: after three months the system was trialed
and a month later ALTEL launched it commercially.

“During the implementation period Telesens ran two week-long training courses for our staff on how to use and manage the system. It’s worth noting that our colleagues at Telesens, having many years of experience in implementations in a variety of countries and operators, offered training courses tailored to our specific requirements. The training program included case studies of operator cooperation. As a result, we issued the first interconnect bill for our partners from the T-IC system in early 2011.” – Ruslan Iskakov, Head of Department of Operator Relations at ALTEL JSC commented.

Bearing the first fruits of cooperation

After almost a year of the commercial launch of Tinterconnect, ALTEL is ready to draw its first conclusions about cooperation with Telesens.

“The system was launched on schedule. The smooth implementation of such a complicated software product into JSC ALTEL’s highly specific network (two incompatible switch equipment types), and at the same time in a way fits with the company’s existing  business processes, is due to the high technical professionalism and effective communications between two project teams,” – Ruslan Iskakov, Head of Department of Operator Relations at ALTEL JSC said.

Main results of Tinterconnect usage:

1. Considerable time-savings:

  • billing time was reduced by a factor of between four and five times;
  • considerable reductions in dispute resolution time;
  • reconciliation time was reduced by a factor of between 3.5 and 4.5 times.

2. Projected payback period has reduced from 18 to 13.5 months.

3. The T-IC installation increased the precision and reliability of the reconciliation with key company’s partners by up to 25%.

4. More time became available for business analyses. For example,  trends in traffic increase emerged for certain partners, prompting a revision of contract provisions.

5. Included provision of an automated tool for the analysis of the efficiency of cooperation with operators, including an operational monitoring of QOS.

6. This
led directly to a three-fold reduction in time taken for management decision-making and inter-operator cooperation.

7. Reduced costs of telecommunications services provided by third-party operators. This created competitive conditions between the partners of JSC ALTEL,
including servicing (i.e. traffic transmission, leasing of of communication channels). It facilitated 360-degree cooperation between operators, minimizing company costs and improving customer service through optimal quality and consistent service).

8.Reduction in human error and risk minimization as a result of automation of settlement process and objective analysis of operator QOS.

The outcome of the Tinterconnect implementation assessment is that JSC ALTEL considers Telesens as a long-term partner whose software solutions have
contributed to the achievement of the operator’s business goals and promoted its development strategy.

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