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About the Customer

FE COSCOM LLC (providing its services under the brand name Ucell) is the largest mobile operator, which covers the whole territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan by its own telecommunication network. FE COSCOM LLC was founded in April, 1996 as a joint venture of MCT Telecom Corp. (99.2%) and local partner (0.8%). The main activity of the company is the development of modern mobile communication system in GSM 900/1800. The company offers to its customers the full range of devices and services for high-quality and easy access to the mobile internet – it’s 3G-modems, smartphones based on Android operating system, tablet computers, as well as special rates, promotions and packages. The first network was launched in Samarkand, later network covered the whole country. COSCOM is a member of GSM Association since 1997 and a member of the Russian Association of GSM from 1998. COSCOM, the first company in Uzbekistan, which offered an international automatic roaming service to its users in 1998. In 2002, they concluded an agreement with the satellite operator Thuraya that allowed subscribers to use the roaming system which has network coverage in more than 100 countries. In 2004, the company became again a leader in innovation fields, having launched the prepaid system in Uzbekistan and having received the international certificate of ISO 9001-2000. Today Ucell has the second biggest number of subscribers in Uzbekistan – more than 8 million. An extensive network of Ucell covers the whole country and provides high-quality cellular communications virtually to every citizen of Uzbekistan. Ucell was developing in a high competitiveness. And, in July 2009 despite the difficulties, the company managed to become the second operator in Uzbekistan in terms of subscribers. One of the conditions for Ucell success in Uzbekistan became a true principle, a policy adopted by the company’s management: Ucell mission is to provide people with quality and affordable care to enable them to communicate with their families and friends at any distance.


Business purpose and challenge

In 2007, subscriber network of Ucell was 400-500 thousand people. Ucell has successfully implemented a program of occupying leading position in the mobile market of Uzbekistan.
In a competitive environment to achieve a leading position in the mobile market, Ucell had to provide as quickly and efficiently as possible a developing of the network capacity, to expand coverage, to improve quality of services, to implement solutions that increase the efficiency of all branches of the business of settlements with partners operators, content providers – for different types of services and types of telecommunications traffic. An important role in these plans implementation was an effective settlement business support with telecom operators in view of the rapid growth of the subscriber base and range of the provided services.


The successful cooperation of Ucell and Telesens has been developing since 2007, when Interconnect Settlement System – Tinterconnect (T-IC) developed by Telesens was introduced into commercial operation. The Tinterconnect (T-IC) system automates the entire process of settlement with the national and international telecommunications companies for services rendered and services consumed beginning from traffic accounting to preparation of settlement documents and reports. Training courses were successfully conducted of Ucell stuff to teach how to work with the system.
After study of the Tinterconnect basic functionality, it was developing functionally during its active operation. In 2009, an additional functionality of the system was supplied for content settlements making with partners on the incoming and outgoing traffic. The next step in increasing the efficiency of Ucell interconnect business was the introduction of the additional functionality of the detailed traffic reconciliation at the CDR level that is a convenient mechanism for finding differences in operators traffic data and it ensure finding of common causes in traffic data differences. An effective cooperation of the companies has been developing: services providing for the maintenance of the system, custom modifications aimed at improving the efficiency of the settlement in the provision of new services, training of Ucell staff.

The results

The main results of Tinterconnect (T-IC)use:

  • T-IC meets all international standards and requirements for the management of interconnect business, what is proved by the success of Ucell settlements with national and international operators.
  • High automation of technological processes provided minimization of labor costs and time reducing for interconnect partners billing (up to 4-5 times). This ensured the timely receipt of revenues and increase of competitiveness due to increasing the speed of decision making.
  • Using the system ensured the improving the quality management of interconnect business due to the possibility of operational control and analysis of inter-operator traffic volumes (in volume and value terms in different directions, services, etc.). Maintenance of settlements information between telecom operators (initial and calculated data on periods, analytical data for any period, balances between carriers and others) provided an opportunity to assess the value of the processed daily operators traffic and cash flow forecast for the results of the billing period.
  • High-accuracy, completeness, calculations efficiency, reducing the “human factor” helped to prevent financial losses in settlements with operators.
  • Flexible system settings ensure the implementation of all the rules of mutual settlements used in the international telecommunications market, as well as allow to implement any marketing strategy at the conclusion of interconnect agreements.
  • Implementation of the verification subsystem of traffic detailed data allowed to automate laborious process of comparative analysis of large amounts of data. Regular execution of the verification procedure of invoices and traffic detailed data allowed the traffic to minimize financial losses related to deficiencies in accounting and traffic rating by partner operators.
  • High level of technical support services provided by Telesens provides reliable operation, prevents failures in the technological process of mutual settlements, contributing to rational use of Ucell IT resources.
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