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T-Collation system

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T-Collation (T-C) system is developed to automate the processes of collation of detailed traffic data with partners’ data in the disputes settlement with interconnected operators. The system provides not only the data collation for voice services, but also content services, data transmission, SMS, MMS.
Using T-Collation ensures the prevention of financial losses at mutual settlements due precise collation of issued invoices.


T-C System provides a collation of downloaded detailed traffic data of operator-partner and own accounting system (billing), corresponding to the positions of invoice discrepancies.

T-C System provides fulfillment of the following functions:

  • Downloading and conversion of compared detailed traffic data records (CDR) into system database using customizable formats and fixed templates of conversion. Settings of file and templates formats can be performed by the user for each operator and stored in the database for the following data collations.
  • Determination of CDR compliance for conditions set, fixing by a user. The match conditions include permissible time variations of a call start, duration, accuracy and comparison of A and B numbers conditions. The conditions may also include price and other results of call rating.
  • Detection of accounts duplicates. The system allows the user to customize duplicates search conditions.
  • Aggregation of call parts is solution when long calls are divided by switch into several CDRs according to different rules. As a result of the aggregation, a new full-length CDR connection is created.
  • Data traffic grouping in the various sections (dates, directions, tariff groups, etc.) displaying the results - the number of connections, the total duration, the rating amount, price. The system allows you to create and to use the rules of grouping. Group results of the compared data are displayed in rows showing differences. The user has a possibility to analyze the groups with the greatest divergence in order to find their causes.
  • Maintaining sets of collation conditions. Commonly used conditions of collation are stored in nominated sets for subsequent verifications. This applies to matchingconditions sets, duplicates search conditions, aggregation conditions, groups conditions, displayed fields.
  • Creating and using collation templates. The templates include possible operator’s file formats and formulas for making compared numbers to the same format.
  • Maintaining copies of collation - the creation and storage of settings and collation data with the operator for a billing period. Collation with an operator-partner may be performed iteratively with results preservation of each iteration in the form of corresponding copy.
  • All collation results are shown on the screen and can be downloaded in Excel. The user has a possibility to customize the format of the displayed data and to set filters and templates of uploaded data.
  • Reporting on the collation.


  • A possibility of traffic accounting data collation for different types of services (voice services, content services and data transmission services, SMS, MMS, etc.).
  • Flexible procedures settings based on user managing customizable templates and conditions of collation, the ability to store sets of collation conditions for subsequent collations.
  • Automatic execution under the control of scheduler subsystem of basic collation operations.
  • Development of means of display and analysis of comparable data and the reasons for the discrepancies, including the history of previous results.

Download presentation pdf(0,2 Mb)