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T-PBX system

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T-PBX system is designed for automation and information support of settlements with operator’s customers connected via PBX. The system can operate both as a standalone solution and integrated with other information operator’s systems.
PBX Clients are organizations connected to the operator’s network via their own PBX. A continuous numbering range and additional separate numbers are allocated for each customer. Usually PBX customers have a reduced rate for calls within its numbering capacity.

Capabilities of the system

Customers and contracts

  • Keeping customers’ data
  • Managing contracts with customers
  • Managing pools of numbers on clients
  • Capability to combine several clients in the PBX into holdings and to use reduced rate for calls within the holding
  • Support of settlements with customers based on a closed user group (CUG)

Billing and rates management

  • Receiving and processing of traffic data
  • Storage of calls details
  • Rating of services
  • For group rating usage of rate plans both for the subscription fee package minutes, and for the rates depending on the duration of connection (service volume)
  • Support of MNP functionality (number portability)
  • Control and exception handling of categories and stages of the technological cycle
  • Handling of error situation, holding of recalculation on deviations
  • Closing of settlement periods and invoicing
  • Calculation of discounts and taxes
  • Approval and fixing of invoices
  • Formation of changes on periods, keeping versions of reports
  • Transfer of unspent minutes to the next month
  • Storing calculated data by periods
  • Formation of invoices and reports

Rate models and price lists

  • Keeping different types of price lists, both for national and international traffic
  • Automated downloading of price lists
  • Setting up templates of price lists for automated downloading
  • Application of different rates depending on the time period
  • Application of different rating units
  • Ability to create common and individual rating plans
  • Discount providing with varying volume of services
  • Keeping of price lists including a history of changes
  • Analysis of price-lists

Payments record keeping

  • Input and accounting fees received from the client
  • Maintaining a balance of charges and payments on each customer


  • Support for all rating models and types of operator services
  • Rapid deployment and implementation of new services due to the flexibility of settings of contracts, services and rating models
  • Quick processing of large volumes of traffic
  • Providing monitoring, rate and discounts management in the services calculation
  • Timely billing and income reflection in the financial system
  • Detailed audit, disputes resolution and disputes settlement
  • Flexible integration with all platforms of information systems
  • Quick analysis of the volumes and traffic price for taking measures to reduce losses and increase profitability.

Download presentation pdf(0,2 Mb)