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Sales Online (T-SOL)

Solution purpose

Sales Online (T-SOL) integrates various tools for support of sales, service delivery and subscriber management, marketing campaign control, sales and customer inventory.


    T-SOL provides following features:

  • Management of subscribers data, booked and provided services;
  • Management of marketing campaigns and subscribers and service registration rules;
  • Dealer and POS (customer service representative) management;
  • Goods warehouse (SIM-cards, MSISDN, mobile devices) management;
  • Centralized storage of subscriber, dealer and product data;
  • Report generation (statistical and analytical) for Operator staff as well as for dealers;
  • Monitoring of user activity for security tasks, counteraction to fraud controls.


Full-scale functionality and flexibility of adaptation to Operator's tasks

T-SOL covers all tasks related with sales, customer registration and management. This functionality provided for customer services representatives (operator employees) and dealers. The wide range of dealer and own point of sales management capabilities is provided, as well as facilities for marketing campaign management via supporting mechanisms for notification of customer and dealer through various communication channels.
T-SOL has possibilities of flexible configuring business processes of sales and services without a binding to a specific location of data, provides flexible interface definition for each workplace, functional settings of export and import data, and also reports generation.

Subscriber Revenues Growth

It is provided for new campaign developing, planning and coordination, customer and product related information analysis, rational usage of various resources - MSISDN, mobile devices, etc.

Better subscriber services

The product allows to improve own employee and dealer productivity and also to reduce time-to-market of new products due to main sale and customer care busyness processes standardization and automation, centralized customer data storage for data management and reporting, communication facilities for system users.

Better Coordination and Cooperation

Common platform for sales, dealers, marketing and customer service allows them to function more cohesively and coordinate their work. Internal messaging and notification services provide communication capabilities for all system users, including dealers.

Exchange and sharing of information, automated analytics and reporting

Personnel of the operator and its partners involved in marketing activities, provided by controlled segmented access to numerous reports about subscribers using products, services, etc.
Centralized information warehouse gives to staff powerful analytic and reporting tools that would be hard to replicate in stand-alone systems supporting the marketing activities of telecom operator.
Potential for producing advanced reports based on different criteria (single subscriber, service history, payments, etc.) and notice to subscribers via SMS or USSD allow a rapid respond to customer requests and to increase their loyalty.

User interfaces and security

The product provides multilingual web-based user interfaces for different groups of users. Role based access control, authentication methods and tools for user activity audit provide proper security level.

Key features


T-SOL designed and developed as software in the form of interoperable services. These services are well-defined business functionalities that are built as software components that can be reused for different purposes. The System provides open service-oriented API to main system functionality, which can be used by external systems. Business services implemented on top of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform, which allows easy modification of existing and design new business services.

Integration with OCS/CCBS and other external systems

T-SOL supposed to operate in common information environment of Operator, integrated with customer billing and other OSS/BSS via SOAP/HTTPS Web Service API (see the Functional architecture shown in figure). For integration with external IT-components provided API, based on SOAP / HTTPS.

Fig. Functional architecture T-SOL

T-SOL usability

Usage of this system's functionality is provided through a number of user WEB-interfaces (according to user's roles and responsibilities):

  • Customer service representative UI is used in point of sales for the registration of all types of subscribers and their services;
  • Sales & Marketing department UI provides the ability to manage dealers, sales representatives, the hierarchy of subdivisions, restrictions, subscriber registration process settings, marketing campaigns, orders, dealer and subscribers notifications, as well as the reports generation;
  • Dealer UI provides functionalities of subscriber registration and service, dealer related documents generation and print-out, operations with electronic orders for dealer, viewing reports;
  • Storekeeper UI supports operations with resources (goods) (SIM-cards, mobile devices, starter pack, etc.) and with MSISDN registration pools;
  • IMEI management UI provides IMEI search by various criteria and operations with IMEI;
  • BTS UI is used in VAS Department and Fraud Department for the adding new BTS, cell search and CDR Search for Cell ID;
  • User private area is used for the password management and messages exchange with selected users;
  • System administration UI provides subscriber data validation, user event logs view, external and internal system user management.