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Payment Gateway (T-PGW)


Payment Gateway (T-PGW) system, serving purposes of payments receiving through the various payment channels, subscribers' accounts recharge and resellers' management.
T-PGW is designed for enterprises providing services and massive sales to end users on a regular basis and need to automate processes related financial calculations.


System provides to its users following features:

  • Receiving of payments through the various channels receipt of payments:
- terminals or on-line payment systems;
- operator Point of Sales (cash payment, payment by credit card);
- bank money transfer or cash payment in the bank.
  • Management of fund balance in the personal accounts of subscribers: reverse-charge, money back, bulk subscriber recharge;
  • Centralized storage of transactions data:
- Generation of reports on accepted payments for Operator staff as well as for resellers;
- Discrepancies checks with externals systems (CC&BS/OCS).

  • Centralized management and monitoring:
- Point of Sales management;
- Reseller account and sub-accounts management;
- Monitoring of the operation and performance of the system.


Centralized reseller and Point of Sales management

Managing accounts and sub-accounts of partners, accepting payments in favor of the Operator, Point of Sales functionality management, formation of the relevant reports.

Financial loss prevention

Availability of search and analyzing tools for discrepancies in the data of payments with the external systems (BSS), means of verification the balance in the personal accounts of resellers, flexible management constraints of financial transactions.

Faster transactions processing, high availability and reliability

System provides online mode for interaction with external payment systems and customer recharge. Automatic recognition of the bank statement information is provided.

Key feature

Integration with OCS/CCBS and external payment systems

Architecture T-PGW allows to integrate the solution into the existing infrastructure of the operator in accordance with its business processes and tasks (see the Functional architecture shown in figure):

    Fig. Functional architecture T-PGW

  • connectivity agents of external payment systems to implement specialized financial information exchange protocols;
  • connectivity adapters for integration with various BSS;
  • support of integration with OSS/BSS at a low level using SOAP/HTTPS API and Oracle SQL API;
  • Integration with external monitoring is provided via SNMP.

Flexible adaptation to the operator's tasks:

  • сconfiguration tools for the format of the bank statement;
  • report generator formed by T-PGW

  • Portability & Scalability

    Payment Gateway solution is portable and operates on any platform that supports Java and Oracle technologies.
    System architecture provides clustering and load balancing, taking advantage of the horizontal and vertical scaling.

    T-PGW usability

    The system supports a web-UI (working places):

    • cashier (registration of mobile subscriber charge transactions, scratch cards sale and activation, registration of reverse charge transactions, money back on agreement termination, Cash-In and Cash-Out receipt printout; generation of cash-in and cash-out orders, transaction and refund overviews, etc.;
    • accountant (list of bank payment transactions view, bank payment transactions classification on subscriber payment, dealer payment and reseller payment, manual input of payment transactions, reverse-charging, report generation and printout: transaction journal overview, cash book, reseller payments overview, etc.);
    • system administrator (system user and payment agent management, event logs and alarm history view, system configuration, MSISDN ranges management, MSISDN range batch recharging, manual synchronization of MSISDN ranges and exchange rates with external systems (e.g. CCBS), new report generation via Jasper Report Server).