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Solutions for the telecommunications industry (OSS / BSS domain)

We aim to be a reliable technology partner for our clients, sharing the vision of development of telecommunications services market and competently embodying this vision in our products and solutions.

The results of dozens of successful projects on the development and promotion of integrated software solutions in the field of telecommunications are embodied in the line of fully functional, adaptive platforms for effective problems resolving of automation and optimization of industrial and commercial activities of the companies in telecommunications industry.

Telesens offers the following software solutions for the domain OSS/BSS:

  • T-Provisioning solution aimed for full automation of management of network services for all variants of network and information infrastructure of telecom operator services.More...
  • Mediation Solution (T-Mediation) solution designed for specialized processing and transformation of large volumes of data and online transactions automatically for subsequent use by different target information systems (billing systems, data warehouses, sales management system, etc.).More...
  • Payment Gateway (T-PGW) solution intended to organize a single point of receipt of payments from all sources of revenue with subsequent enrollment to subscribers personal accounts.More...
  • Telesens Document Center (T-DC) is provided to integrate and standardize the generation, printing and e-mail distribution of customer documents due to the single platform of interaction with various existing information systems. More...
  • Sales Online (T-SOL) solution that provides a flexible means of managing the sales process, customer service provisioning and support, management of marketing campaigns, recording of equipment and resources used to provide services.More...

We provide a wide range of services:
- Development of custom software solutions based on proven software platforms;
- Integration of software solutions in information and software infrastructure of the customer;
- Modification of implemented software solutions at the request of the customer;
- Technical support and administering of software solutions, including third parties.