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Sergey_SergeyevSergey Sergeyev,
Product Line Business Director

Sergey Sergeyev is an expert in inter-operator settlement systems with 35 years experience in the IT industry, including 15 years in the telecommunications sector.
He has developed and managed the build of integrated systems for enterprise management, accounting, banking and billing.
He has worked in the Telesens’ interconnect-billing area since 1999. In 2007 he was appointed Business Director with responsibility for the software product development and implementation division of the company.
Sergey Sergeyev graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Radioelectronics, faculty of “Automated Management System” in 1974.

Andrey_KalmykovAndrey Kalmykov,
Custom Solutions Business Director

Andrey Kalmykov is a specialist in project and program management for the ICT industry with 15 years of experience.
Before heading the Telesens’ Custom Solutions Department in 2010, he had held leading positions in such telecommunications companies as Sovintel, Golden Telecom, Datagroup, and Teleport SV. From 2007 to 2008 he headed a project of NGN deployment in the AR Crimea.
Andrey Kalmykov was educated at Kharkiv N.Y. Zhukovsky Aviation Institute, faculty of “Automated Management System”. In 1999 he took a Candidate of Sciences (C.Sc.) degree in Kharkiv Aviation Institute. He studed in the UK Open University business school and in the International Institute of Management LINK in Moscow from which he was awarded MBA degree in 2009.

Le_Anh_TuanLe Anh Tuan,
Director of Telesens-Vietnam

Le Anh Tuan is a professional manger with 10 years experience in managing companies in Vietnam, Ukraine and Russia.
In March 2012, Mr Tuan joined the Telesens’ team and started heading its Vietnamese office in Hanoi.
Prior to joining Telesens, he worked in Masan Group in Kiev and Moscow, the largest private holding of Vietnam. Since 2007 to 2011 Le Anh Tuan headed an IT-company FTS JSC in Hanoi, later he was in charge of Paylink Viet Nam and Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam.
Mr Tuan graduated from the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics in 2000. In 2007, he received his Ph.D. degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Shamil_NazipovShamil Nazipov,
Product Line Sales Director

Shamil Nazipov is a an experienced, professional manager in marketing, sales and IT domains. He has been employed at Telesens since 1999.
He is a specialist in the sales and marketing of software products and solutions, the management of international implementation projects and the maintenance of software products and solutions.
Prior to joining Telesens, he had 10 years of experience in companies engaged in the development and implementation of financial software.
He participated in the creation and development of the sales and marketing and divisions of Telesens. Shamil Nazipov’s personal contribution and leadership were directly responsible for the creation of the Telesens’ customer base from scratch.
Shamil Nazipov graduated from Kharkov Institute of Radioelectronics in 1986. In 1989 he completed his postgraduate study.