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T-Factura system

T-Factura – гибкая и эффективная система, которая позволяет расшифровывать счета операторов мобильной и фиксированной связи в электронном виде и обрабатывать детальную информацию об услугах

T-Factura is a flexible and effective system allowing to decipher bills of operators for mobile and fixed communications in an electronic format and process the detailed information about services. The system can be used by people and organizations interested in optimizing costs for mobile and fixed communications.

Rich experience of Telesens company in telecommunications development allowed us to create a multi-functional system with a comfortable and user-friendly interface complying with all the modern requirements.


T-Factura allows analyzing bills and allocate costs according to cost centers, control budgets of departments for communications, separate official calls from personal ones and, if needed, issue bills to employees for personal calls.

T-Factura system is aimed at medium and major corporate clients of mobile and fixed communications (from 10 to 500 and more subscribers).


  • Importing electronic bills
  • Managing electronic bills of employees
  • Supporting organization structure of corporation and employee list
  • Keeping personal accounts of employees
  • Separating calls to official and personal ones
  • Keeping reference data
  • Receiving and sending reports
  • Allocating costs according to departments and projects
  • Controlling the allocated budget in departments and projects
  • Supporting multi-currency accounting and several languages
  • System administration

Data import and process of bill processing

T-Factura system supports loading electronic bills from various digital carriers in different formats, for example: TXT, PDF, CVS, XML, XLS and so on. Imported data can be translated into the working language of the system installed by the user.

Separation of calls to official and personal ones

T-Factura system allows separating calls to official and personal ones. An employee can move some of his calls from personal to official ones, if it has been agreed with his manager. The system allows to define a credit limit to each employee, and after exceeding it, the employee is to pay the bill for personal calls.

Keeping reference data

T-Factura system allows keeping and editing various reference data: list of official telephones, exchange rates, etc. Besides, the system allows keeping personal accounts of employees, in this information about the telephone possessor and his bills are stored.

Distributing funds for using telephone communications

T-Factura system makes it possible to distribute the services cost between the departments. For this, the system allows creating and supporting the hierarchic structure of the organization and link the numbers of corporate telephones to departments and employees.

Generating reports and data export

T-Factura system allows exporting data from the system in different formats for further moving them to other programmes, e.g. for accounting. Various reports generated by the system allow analyzing and forecasting financial costs for mobile and fixed communications. Reports can be generated for one and several billing periods.

Multi-language interface and access rights administering

T-Factura system has a multi-language interface. The system can be delivered in the Russian and English version. Other languages may be added upon the Customer’s request.

The system ensures a multi-user work regime, password access and user rights administration. The subsystem of administering the access rights allows defining a set of enabled operations and access rights to data for each user of the system.

Advantages of using T-Factura system

T-Factura product allows:

  • Increasing the speed and effectiveness of electronic bills processing
  • Controlling the cost allocation for telephone communications
  • Keeping bills for a long time, searching data for any billing period, protecting data from unauthorized access
  • Forecasting and optimizing costs for mobile and fixed communications
  • Telephone communications statistics analysis
  • Using business telephones for personal needs

Program and technical features of the application

The application has been developed using .NET Framework platform, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine is used as a database server working under Windows 2000/XP. The system can function both on the separate computer and in the network. A WEB-based version of the application is possible.

System requirements for the workstation:

  • Intel Pentium 200 MHz
  • RAM – 128 Mb, HDD free space – 40 Mb
  • MS Windows 2000/XP/2003

System requirements for the database server:

  • Intel Pentium 800 MHz
  • RAM – 512 Mb, HDD free space – 8 Gb (with 300 subscribers)
  • MS Windows 2000/XP/2003